Dual enrollment is an acceleration program that allows students in grades 6-12, including home education students and students with disabilities, to take post-secondary coursework and simultaneously earn credit toward high school completion, a career certificate, an industry certification or an associate or baccalaureate degree at a Florida public or eligible private institution. Students taking dual enrollment courses must recognize that dual enrollment course grades will become a permanent part of the college transcript and will be factored into future applications to other colleges and universities. Dual-enrollment is available with Lively Technical Center, Tallahassee Community College and Florida State University.


What is Early Admission?

Early admission is a form of dual enrollment permitting high school students to enroll in college or career courses on a full-time basis. As with all dual enrollment programs, students earn both high school and college/career credits for courses completed. Career early admission is a form of career dual enrollment through which eligible secondary students enroll full time in a career center or a Florida College System institution in postsecondary programs leading to industry certifications, as listed in the CAPE Postsecondary Industry Certification Funding List pursuant to section (s.) 1008.44, Florida Statutes (F.S.). Participation in the career early admission program shall be limited to students who have completed a minimum of four (4) semesters of full-time secondary enrollment, including studies undertaken in the ninth grade.

What is career dual enrollment?

Career dual enrollment is an option for secondary students to pursue in order to earn industry certifications adopted pursuant to s. 1008.44, F.S., which count as credits toward the high school diploma. Career dual enrollment is available for secondary students seeking a certificate or degree and industry certification through a career education program or course.

What is the difference between dual enrollment and early admission?

Dual enrollment applies to high school students taking both regular high school courses and post-secondary courses. Early admission students have completed all high school graduation coursework and are enrolled in a full-time post-secondary schedule.

Who is eligible for dual enrollment courses?

Students must meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • Be enrolled as a student in a Florida public or nonpublic secondary school (grades 6-12), or in a home education program;
  • Have a 3.0 unweighted high school grade point average (GPA) to enroll in college credit courses, or a 2.0 high school unweighted GPA to enroll in career dual enrollment courses;
  • For college credit courses, achieve a minimum score on a common placement test pursuant to Rule 6A-14.064, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.);
  • Meet any additional eligibility criteria specified by the postsecondary institution in the Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement; and
  • Cannot be scheduled to graduate prior to the completion of the dual enrollment course.

All students in grades 6-12 who meet these eligibility requirements or additional eligibility requirements as determined in the articulation agreement must be allowed to participate in dual enrollment. Any additional eligibility requirements or limits on dual enrollment participation based on grade levels must be only to ensure college readiness and not to arbitrarily prohibit students who have demonstrated the ability to master advanced courses from participation.

Students must maintain a 3.0 unweighted high school GPA and the minimum required postsecondary GPA specified in the Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement for continued enrollment in college credit dual enrollment courses.

Are prospective college credit dual enrollment students required to take PERT?

Yes. Students must still demonstrate readiness for college credit postsecondary instruction in mathematics or English, pursuant to s. 1008.30(7), F.S., by meeting or exceeding the college ready score(s) established in Rule 6A-10.0315, F.A.C.

Public high school students shall have opportunities to test at the high school as described in the Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement.

Is dual enrollment right for everyone?

The dual enrollment program is an opportunity to take challenging courses and accelerate education opportunities. Students who successfully complete dual enrollment courses will save time toward their college degree and save money with free tuition and textbooks. Students should understand, however, that dual enrollment courses are college courses and the amount of work necessary to succeed in dual enrollment courses may be much greater than in high school courses. In addition, dual enrollment courses become a part of a student’s permanent college transcript and are calculated into the student’s permanent postsecondary GPA. Poor performance as a dual enrollment student can ultimately impact one’s postsecondary career, including acceptance to a state university, academic standing and financial aid eligibility. It is important to do well in these courses to realize all the benefits of dual enrollment.

Tallahassee Community College - Dual Enrollment Process

Registration Window (Summer/Fall)

30 hrs+
Monday, April 1, 2019
0 hrs - 29 hrs
Monday, April 8, 2019

Summer and Fall Sessions
Registration Deadline: Friday, May 24, 2019

* Late forms will not be accepted.


1.    Take a qualifying exam (PERT, ACT, SAT)

2.    Meet with your high school advisor/guidance counselor to verify you meet admissions criteria.

3.    Apply to TCC at www.tcc.fl.edu

4.    Meet with your high school advisor/guidance counselor to choose your TCC courses.

5.    Register for your classes (if taking Online or Main campus courses) on Eaglenet with your login information: https://eaglenet.tcc.fl.edu/navigate/student.jsp

6.    Print and submit your TCC schedule to Mrs. Peddie and Noreen Britt, Guidance in order to be integrated into your high school schedule.


Florida State University Dual Enrollment Process

Please see Mrs. Peddie in the Guidance Office.

FSU High School Dual Enrollment Application and Student Guide


  1. Take a qualifying exam (ACT, SAT)
  2. Meet with your high school guidance counselor to obtain approval to take FSU courses. Guidance Counselor Approval Form
  3. Create new student FSU EMLPID
  4. Complete required forms (forms can be found in the Application and Student Guide link above)
    1. Student Application for Participation in the High School Dual Enrollment Program
    2. Judicial Form
    3. Student Admissions Health History (new students)
  5. Schedule advising & enrollment appointment with the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)
  6. Print and submit your TCC schedule to Noreen Britt, Guidance in order to be integrated into your high school schedule.


Full details can be found at the FSU Academic Center for Excellence Website