Planning for College
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College Prep Resources

  • College Visits to Wakulla High
    ***Open only to Juniors and Seniors*** Sign up in Guidance.


    • The recruiter for FAMU Upward Bound, Rico Heagle, will be on campus each Wednesday during lunch.  Look for his table in the lunchroom and stop by to find out how this program might help you with academics or test taking skills.  He will have applications available for students to complete.

    a college planning website featuring 360 degree virtual tours of over 1,300 college campuses. To inside dorm rooms, check out classrooms and tour libraries-all with a click of your mouse. You can also access their FREE scholarship search.
  • NextStepU
    Visit NextStepU to enter to win free college tuition, read all about college planning, and search for colleges
  • 7 Sites to Help Students Choose and Apply to Colleges
    Here are some web sites to help you get ready for college!
  • College Navigator
    Find the right college for you.
  • Big Future
    Search for colleges that have what you want.
  • Florida Trend's Next
    Your guide to making the most of your high school years, getting into your preferred college or university, scoring a scholarship and setting yourself up for a bright future.
  • FloridaShines
    FloridaShines provides an array of academic advising, career readiness and distance learning resources for students and parents. These state-funded academic advising services make it easy for high school students to prepare for college or a career after graduation by enabling them to evaluate their progress toward high school graduation, college and career readiness and scholarship eligibility. In addition, they can explore Florida's college and university offerings (both traditional and distance learning programs), learn about financial aid and apply for admission. Dual enrolled high school students and those in accelerated education programs can even access online library resources used within Florida's colleges and universities.

Career Planning

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MyCareerShines ( is Florida's comprehensive education and career planning system. The system is powered by a suite of age-appropriate online tools that allow students to develop a personalized education plan that connects interests and skills to careers and jobs. MyCareerShines is free for all Florida students from middle school through college and beyond.

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